Saturday, May 24, 2014

AUTOCAR: Mclaren P1 and Steve Sutcliffe

Steve Sutcliffe is one of the top tier automotive journalists covering the hypercar market.  I appreciate his experience and insight.  And British expressions continue to be novel for me.  

He is blown away by this car, as have so many others that have spent time with it.  It is maybe even more interesting that with all that performance, the car produced approx. half of the CO2 the average.  I will not go as far as saying this is a green car.  The electronics and exotic materials (i.e., made almost entirely from carbon fibre) do not come cheaply from any perspective, but it is a clear demonstration that from an emissions perspective, staggering performance and improved emissions efficiency can be achieved together.

Whether your focus is on it's British heritage, it's amazing technological advancements, it's immense precision or simply the stunning form and function of the finished package - this video provides a wonderful experience of driving what is considered by many now - the greatest supercar of all time.

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