Friday, July 5, 2013

Honda: A Brand Beyond Compare

My very first car was a 1976 Honda Civic.  It is amazing, the punishment that car took.  Look at what that brand has accomplished in the ensuing 30+ years ~ a jet including their own engine, after they rejected the current market offering and committed to developing their own.  Growing a brand, one step at a time.  A similar story might be told about Hyundai.  Or Red Bull.  Apple.  Amazon.  The strength of brand, the breadth and depth of experience and the innovation that takes place within each of these organizations or entities is nothing short of genius.  The paths are different, but the achievements equal.  These types of companies, and the people that make up these companies are contributing to directly influencing our basic standards and ways of living.  Well worth watching the slightly less than 2:00 video.  Great presentation ~

Published on 3 Jul 2013
Honda "Hands" film celebrates the curiosity of Honda engineers, which has led to some of the most successful Honda innovations over the past 65 years.

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