Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Gift of a Different Kind: Automotive Enthusiast Special (Autoblog)

All we want for Christmas is the Costco Ultimate Garage Package

Kirkham 427 KMS/SC
Posted Dec 7th 2012 5:45PM

We can't say we know you all that well, but if we had to guess, we'd say you haven't been good enough this year for Santa to come scrambling down your chimney with the Costco Ultimate Garage Package slung over his back. If you have US$89,000 laying around, however, and feel like being particularly merry toward yourself, the big-box bargain mart will gladly serve up the gearhead dream package, which includes niceties like a NewAge six-piece cabinet system, 456 square feet of Motofloor garage tiles, a BigHorn Safe, a full storage system, and a 41-inch stainless steel tool box.

There's also a two-ton engine crane and 3.5-tonne professional jack, but the cherry on the top has to be theKirkham Motorsports 427 KM/SC. The hand-crafted aluminum Shelby Cobra replica is assembled in a Polish factory that used to build MiG fighter gets. But the car doesn't come with an engine or a transmission. You'll get to use all your new toys to put those in yourself. Head over to Costco for a look at the package for yourself. You can also check out the full component list below.

News Source: Costco

Image Credit: Kirkham

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