Friday, April 27, 2012

COYS: Historic Racing Ford P68 F3L

1968 Ford P68 F3L - Alan Mann Racing

Registration Number: N/A
Chassis Number: F3L/002

At the end of the 1967 season the FIA revised the rules for sports car racing. Engine capacity was limited to 3 litres for the lightest, most advanced Group 6 sports prototype class, while a new 5 litre Group 4 Sports Car class was introduced for models of which at least 50 examples had been built. Ford's American operation withdrew from sports car racing at the end of 1967, leaving those teams committed to running the aging GT40 without factory support. While some teams, such as JWA, decided to go down the Group 4 Sports Car route and so began work on updating the GT40, Alan Mann Racing however decided to build a brand new prototype car around Ford Europe's recently introduced Cosworth DFV 3-litre V8 F1 engine. Raising sponsorship from Ford Europe, as well as Burmah-Castrol and Goodyear, AMR procured the services of leading Ford aerodynamicist Len Bailey, who had designed much of the GT40's bodywork, to work on their new car. Whilst the car was built to Group 6 regulations, its interpretation was perhaps rather liberally interpreted, exploiting the regulations to produce what is generally regarding as one of the most beautiful Sports Prototypes ever built.

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