Saturday, June 2, 2012

Deltawing | A Revolutionary Change in Concept: The Fuel Efficient Racecar (Autoblog)

I have for quite some time espoused the notion that the clean sheet design racecar was an important next step.  Over the years, and with the various tricks to loopholes in the rules, F1 cars in particular began to look like laser guided missiles with every surface, nook, cranny, and edge sporting a winglet and some similar aerodynamic aid.  I look at the modern F1 car and say - don't you think its time to start over?

Nissan has started over with a handful of other skillful resources coming from partnering entities - dreaming differently - pushing the envelope - fully recognizing that there remains the full possibility of failure.

But failure it is not.  Innovation and overcoming engineering and aerodynamic challenges.  And realizing that some of the dynamic expectations are actually the opposite.  Half the weight.  Half the fuel.  Half the power.  Half the tire wear?  And this program has barely been in place for more than a year.  This will be an interesting project to watch - 24hr at LeMans will be the stage.

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