Saturday, November 10, 2012

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Jay Leno's 1976 MV Agusta sounds like sex [w/video]

Jay Leno's 1976 MV Agusta America bike
Posted Nov 9th 2012 7:59PM

In this latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage, Jay brings out a longtime resident of his personal motorcyclecollection, a lovely 1976 MV Agusta 750 America. The bike, which Leno has owned for some 25-plus years, has been dubbed the "Ferrari of motorcycles" by some (including our host) and really achieves the status of motive sculpture.

Priced at US$6,000 when new – three or four times what most bikes were going for in 1976 – chances are good that the Italian classic could command ten times that (if not more) at auction today. Pricey to ride, then, but if you're merely interested in a sample of the lovely engine note, scroll down to click play and watch the video.

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