Sunday, August 12, 2012

M35S Powerboat @ Shuswap Lake

The M35S - A special speedboat of extraordinary capacity.  We've just returned from our traditional time at Shuswap Lake in British Columbia.  I've been going there since the 80's when my parent retired there.  It is considered by many to be one of the globe's more exceptional natural summer playgrounds.  It is dubbed the houseboat capital of Canada.  And in recent years, together with the advancement of technology, design and engineering, faster and faster speedboats are populating the lake.  This year I believe I saw at least five different ones.  And one of particular interest, an orange beast ~ the M35S.

I decided to look it up upon returning and lo and behold, there is a video of of of these on Lake Havasu, AZ - or so I am assuming they are very similar - Dave's Custom Boats of El Cajon, CA is the manufacturer - that clocked out at 170mph (GPS verified) ~ that's madness fast.  Twin 1350 Mercury I/O, Carbon Fiber construction, Alcantara and colour matched diamond stitching,  and a $500k+ advertised price.

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