Sunday, July 8, 2012

British Grand Prix @ Brands Hatch circa 1986

I had the good fortune of my life's path taking me through England and other parts of Europe in summer 1986.  The Brands Hatch Grand Prix was a memorable experience.  We even drove the entire track with an entrepreneur Peter Loach ~ simply amazing - in an aftermarket 911/959 Cabriolet.  Seems like ages ago, and I suppose it is from some perspectives.  However, for me those memories live strong and vivd.

Today, the British Grand Prix had Weber, Alonso and Vettel as winners.  The technology and players in the game have changed.  For me, it is the same thrill of amazing engineering operating at incredibly highl levels of tolerance ~ with precision AND accuracy ~ to the thousandth of a second.  The origin of the 'Mechanical Symphony'.

Brands Hatch @ Druids

Peter and Nick on adventure

Alain Prost

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