Sunday, July 22, 2012

58 F40s ~ All Red ~ on Parade (Munch997)

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These clips were from the Largest perade of Ferrari F40 the world has ever seen (I think, nobody confirmed this) 58 took part in the gathering, all of them red, and 57 of them wearing UK plates, the other was Swiss.
Celebrating 25 Years the F40 is still regarded as one of the ultimate and definative Supercars, even if people are never fortunate to own one of these awesome machines, events like this help people appreciate them in all their glory and put smiles on faces of all ages, it may be getting on a bit now, but just look at it! One of the greatest sounds produced by a road car too in my opinion... when lifting off the throttle there are all sorts of pops and bangs :)

Thanks to all the owners who made the trip worth while.

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