Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Amazing EV Drag Car ~ 0-60 1.8 sec and an 8.9 sec quarter mile (Motorweek)

EV Drag Racing ~ by zmaskell

Most consumers understand that electric vehicles reduce the use of petroleum and improve the environment. But, they don’t always understand the performance advantages of driving pure electric. Well our Zach Maskell has caught up with a group of enthusiasts who have taken their lightning fast EVs over the edge.
ZACH MASKELL: When you hear “drag racing,” this probably comes to mind. Nitro methane breathing monsters with thousands of horsepower. With that brings fire, noise, and pleasant smells. Now picture this… no ear-plugs, less carcinogens in the air. Just tire squeal and some gear sound.  
Everything is bigger in Texas, like the power out of this Miata… compliments of Lonestar EV Racing Team out of Houston.
Could it be… 1.21 gigawatts that powers this thing?
ADAM CLARK: No, no it’s not. It’s actually 700 kilowatts which is about 800 horsepower. And that’s about the same as a blown big block V8.
ZACH MASKELL: You’re looking at a battery powered Volkswagen Bus, the first Nissan Leaf sold in Texas, and… “Assault and Battery.” One of the quickest Miatas you will ever see. It’s guilty as charged… putting a serious beat down on most challengers. It drinks no gasoline… as it’s powered by 120 lithium iron phosphate batteries, like the ones in many power tools….

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