Saturday, June 7, 2014

UPDATE (8-June-2014) Ferrari 458 Speciale: The Most Potent Non-Turbo V8 Ever Produced by Ferrari (Mr. Sutcliffe and Autocar) +YYC/Calgary

UPDATE:  Sunday June 8, 2014 > > > a 458 Speciale came into the Westside parking lot.  Beautiful.

A 4.5L  displacement.  A compression ratio of 14:1.  A Rev Limit over 9 grand.  And that gives you 597hp.  YEEOOWW!  And from the there, the technology advancements are even more amazing.  The urgency of response.  The Manettino ~ SSC system ~ very ingenious.  A proper racing car almost.  A perfect choice for your planned tacked days. Being epic quick and exciting ~ and some damn easy to drive - just pure pleasure. Steve Sutcliffe & Autocar.

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