Thursday, February 13, 2014

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So you have the good fortune of having a trade surplus in your personal economic circumstances. And you just so happen to think that driving fast cars is one of life's better experiences. There are many different approaches available in today's society to satisfy those urges, particularly when funding such an 'experience' is for the most part unlimited. There is a current initiative near Calgary that seeks to develop a race resort with commercial and residential allocations included. Another such opportunity is with a facility in Spain, ASCARI Race Resort. Originally constructed in 2002, the track is a complex technical assortment of elements from several other world famous tracks and is considered by most as very exciting and entertaining. And for those with the resources, the interest, the time, and the energy ~ here is your personal private playgound, of the automotive kind. For many, I suspect, they arrive to the Malaga airport by private jet, drive 1 1/2 hrs to the resort, fire up the selected beast and run laps for the day, then return to Malaga and dine on the beach with a Mediterranean sunset before returning to their other daily rituals the next day. The list of cars in the resorts 'private' garage is really tantalizing. Gallardo GT3. R8GT LMS. LFA. 991GT3RSR.  I can hear them already. The Mechanical Symphony of the Spanish Mountains.


Track Visit: Ascari Race Resort, Spain

Last week GTspirit was presented with the rare opportunity to visit the phenomenal Ascari Race Resort in Spain. Visiting other tracks is ordinarily a simple procedure, purchase a ticket to an event and head down to the circuit on a Sunday to enjoy some motor racing action. Ascari, however, is a very different story. The facility has no grandstands or spectator areas. Ascari is all about the driving and there are no distractions.
gtspirit-ascar-23  gtspirit-ascar-35  gtspirit-ascar-16
We arrived at the circuit at dawn and the clouds were hung low over the tarmac. As we later discussed with the track director, a veteran race driver himself, being located in the mountains of Ronda the Resort is subject to extremes of weather. Just a few days before we had arrived the track had faced frozen icy conditions followed by torrential rainfall, something that would have seemed inconceivable under the bright sunshine that emerged later on in the day.

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