Friday, October 11, 2013

Bentley SUV: A Brand Abomination or the Next Trend (Bloomberg)?

When BMW and Porsche each first released their X-series and Cayenne SUV's - I was floored.  I just did not see the appeal.  But I was very wrong.  Since the launch of the X5 in 1999 ~ BMW has delivered more than 1.3 Million units worldwide.  Meanwhile, Porsche delivered almost 75,000 Cayenne's in 2012!  


And THAT is the market that Bentley would like to take some market share from.  Remember also that Lamborghini has made noises about producing the Ursus SUV.  

And of course, if true exclusivity is your schtick - then maybe the rmoured Conquest or Dartz might be more your style.  Kanye West and Kim Kardashian reportedly have paid $2.4MM for their personalized "family protector" Dartz.

 Forget a minivan! New parents Kanye and Kim will have a pair of armored Dartz Motorz Prombron SUVs at their disposal.

So will the Bentley be a success?  With the continued rise and growth of the uber-class, this segment of the population with more disposable income than some countries will likely decide Bentley's success.

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