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Yamaha stretches their fabric (again) Autoblog

Yamaha R-Car Concept is a sexy supercar with superbike soul

Yamaha R-Car ConceptYamaha R-Car ConceptYamaha R-Car ConceptYamaha R-Car Concept
Posted Nov 27th 2012 1:30PM

Building a supercar is never a simple task, but the high-revving motorcycle and powersport experts atYamaha gladly accepted this challenge with the Yamaha R Car Concept you see here. The sleekLamborghini-esque inspired lines are designed to match the concept's ambitious goal to deliver 900 horsepower with a weight of just 1,100 kg (2,425 pounds).

According to its designer Alberto Rosell√≥, the Yamaha R Car Concept is aimed to offer "a supercar with a superbike soul" and although it remains a concept for now this isn't the company's first trip into exotic carterritory.

Yamaha has flirted with similar concepts before, having built three fully functional prototypes of the Yamaha OX99-11 supercar in the early 90s. Based on a detuned 3.5 litre version of Yamaha's then Formula One V12 engine, the OX99-11 program was unfortunately cancelled citing Japan's looming financial crisis at the time.

Like many exciting concepts the R Car is still far from being production-ready, but given Yamaha's extensive history of supplying high-performance engines to a number of automakers (think Taurus SHO V8), it may be more realistic than we think.

Click here to watch a video on the Yamaha R Car Concept and view the image gallery for a closer look.

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