Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ride Shotgun in Red Bull F1 (Autoblog)

You need to watch this ViewCam 360 vid of a Red Bull F1 car

ViewCam 360
Posted Nov 1st 2012 11:57AM

Call it an unfortunate side effect of growing up in the information age, but it takes some truly impressive technology to surprise us anymore. So when we say the ViewCam 360 has set our cynical hearts aglow, we want you to understand the full scope of our meaning.

The tech captures complete 360-degree footage around a center point, which can then be played back and viewed through a unique flash player. Users can control the camera angle to look left, right, up or down while the video is streaming. Think of it as as a supercharged version of Google Street View.

Making View AS, the company behind the tech, recently partnered with the Red Bull Formula One team to show off exactly what's possible. The ViewCam 360 captured the Red Bull racer as it sprinted around the Rudskogen facility in Norway. The video below allows us all to tag along for the ride and take in the full sights and sounds from every angle.

Click here to check it out for yourself and be sure to head over to the ViewCam 360 site for more information.

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