Saturday, November 3, 2012

PROGRESS UPDATE: Honda Jet in production (Autoblog)

HondaJet production underway

Posted Nov 2nd 2012 3:30PM

During a press conference at the National Business Aviation Association's annual convention in Orlando, Florida, Honda announced that production has begun of its HondaJet line. Honda considers this a major milestone in the development of the business jet. The Japanese company has stated that its next milestones are FAA approval and delivery of its first model.

According to Michimasa Fujino, CEO and President of Honda Aircraft, "An assembly line for HondaJet production is in place, major aircraft components including the fuselage and wing have been produced, and we have started assembly of the first customer aircraft."

Included in the announcement is an explanation of one of Honda's production processes. The Automatic Guided Cart, Known as AGC, it is described as a "mobile robot ... designed to pick up and deliver parts to the production facility's unique assembly areas." (That is, of course, until it becomes self aware, and the reign of our machine overlords begins)

According to Fujino, "Our commitment to deliver the best possible product that will bring new value to the aviation remains. We have taken the necessary time and effort with the HondaJet program to do it right and give our customers the finest product with the best ownership experience." Honda calls the HondaJet the "most advanced light business jet aircraft." The very first HondaJet is in final assembly now, with testing scheduled for early 2013. Check out more on the HondaJet in the press release below.

News Source: Honda

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