Monday, September 10, 2012

F40 and Vancouver rain do not mix well (Autoblog)

Ferrari F40 Crash On Rainy Vancouver Road Brings Us To Tears

Posted Sep 10th 2012 1:30PM

Warning: The wet and wild aftermath of this recent Ferrari F40 crash is almost too painful to watch. The once mighty Ferrari F40 super car (pictured above) became too hot to handle after it suddenly spun out of control on the wet streets of Vancouver, BC.

The sad sight quickly caught the attention of every passing motorist, as firefighters were seen picking up the pricy pieces of this exotic wreckage. The end result is nothing short of ugly, as the entire rear end (and engine) of the no longer prancing horse were beaten to a pulp and added to a growing list of extinct exotics we've seen destroyed.

Beside this post-crash video footage, very little is known on the exact cause of the F40 crash or its slide-happy wheelman. From what we know so far, the rare work of automotive art was safely on route back from a weekend car show when the disaster struck. The F40's traction trouble likely started when the twin-turbo monster came in contact with the very slippery street. Attention all millionaires, this expensive lesson learned is just another reason to never drive your super car in the rain.

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