Friday, June 8, 2012

Bolivian collection found abandoned (Autoblog)

Epic supercar collection found abandoned... in Bolivia?

Posted Jun 8th 2012 2:57PM

Let's start by saying a car collection of this caliber this isn't something you build overnight, it takes years of work and boatloads of cash. This abandoned collection of amazing cars recently surfaced in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and is rumoured to have over 60 rare exotics, classic and race cars.

So the real question is why would anyone leave such a killer collection behind? Unfortunately, the questionable owner of this rather large collection (housed in a secret underground garage) is Humero Roca, who recently fled the country in order to seek refuge from Bolivian government officials.

The situation goes something like this. As the former president of AeroSur (Bolivia's principal privately owned airline), Roca has personally been accused by the Bolivian government of 'illegal enrichment' following allegations by current AeroSur president and half-brother Sergio Sanzetenea of embezzling $37.2 million from the company. The company is currently in serious financial trouble and trying to stave off bankruptcy.

Regardless of the politics and accusations, what we're really interested in are the cars found in Roca's massive car collection. We caught the first glimpse of these vehicles thanks to Roca's son, a self-confessed gearhead who's passionately posted a number of YouTube videos documenting his father's vast collection for the world to see. From a 2007 Ferrari F1 car to a supercharged lime green 1969 Dodge Challenger, his YouTube channel (csgt500) provides an up close look at each individual car.

Unfortunately, Roca's son posted his last video and informed viewers "As some may know and others not, My father after attempting to fight the COMUNIST government, had to leave Bolivia and it's government is still fighting against him and my whole family. So I wont be able to make more videos of the other cars in Bolivia."
Sadly, it remains unknown what will happen to the rare / abandoned Bolivian car collection. Maybe Humero Roca can find a way to export his cars out of Bolivia? Perhaps his son will find a way to transfer ownership? Or will the Bolivian government attempts to seize it all?
Click here to check out these videos for yourself.

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