Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1959 Ferrari 250GT Coupe - Auction @ Artcurial July 2012

French title

Chassis n° 1529GT
Engine n° 1529GT

- No reserve
- Legendary engine 'matching numbers'
- Extraordinary original condition
- Two owners from new, in hands of second owner since 1962

The long line of cars with the 250 engine transformed Ferrari from a small scale marque to a manufacturer of production sports cars. The engine was designed by Gioacchino Colombo as a powerful and versatile V12 3-litre engine, that could be used as easily on the road as on the track. The first 250 was unveiled in 1952, in a rather sporty guise, and was soon followed by the 250 Ellena and the 250 GT Europa. Comfortable and well equipped for long journeys, these models appealed to a wide clientele. This development was confirmed, in 1958, by the arrival of the 250 GT PF coupé, the last two letters corresponding to Pinin Farina, responsible for building the car. This model was produced in higher numbers than Ferrari had previously experienced, with more than 350 examples built between 1958 and 1960. It was the flagship model for the marque, and competiton versions produced included the iconic 250 GT Tour de France and subsequently, of course, the 250 GTO.

The history of this particular 250 GT is exceptional. In 1983, on the day he turned 21, the current owner was given this car by his father. It has actually been in the same family since 1962 when his father acquired it from one of his clients who had bought it new in 1959. This version with overdrive is therefore strictly a two-owner car. For 40 years, this elegant GT was used regularly for trips round the Cannes region where the family lived and for family weddings and celebrations. The son - and current owner - drove the car regularly from the age of 21, and would spend evenings driving down La Croisette in this Italian Belle, coming across the stars of the day during the Festival. Now married and with children, he has the car stored in his heated garage, protected from all humidity. It has not moved for the past ten years, and so here is a totally sound car with a wonderful patina. Matthieu Lamoure described his first encounter with the Sleeping Beauty : " When I came across this car in the owner's garage, I was seized with emotion. I was taken aback by the original pale yellow paintwork, which was covered with a fine layer of dust protecting it from harm. A sculpture full of memories, a machine to travel back in time. On lifting the bonnet, the dormant power of the original V12 engine, full of dust, called to me, and on closing my eyes, I could hear it roaring to life with a sound like Mozart's " Queen of the Night". On opening the driver's door, I discovered a world untouched since the 1960s, with gently worn leather like the suntanned faces of ancient American Indians. The carpets lay untouched and tatty, full of dust that no money on earth would be able to reconstruct...this dust is the dust of time, of time passing, memories and emotions. " In short, what we have here is a true barnfind, untouched, unrestored, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a 250 Gran Turismo Coupé Pininfarina and then be faced with the Cornelian dilemma : to refurbish the mechanical elements and drive, in style, one of the last unrestored Ferrari or to untertake a full restoration. This 250 is offered in non-running condition and without French MOT, displaying 76,703 km on the clock. You cannot be mistaken when looking at this sublime automobile. In hiding nothing, it plays its greatest hand : authenticity.

Estimation 100 000 - 150 000 €

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