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1969 Ferrari GTB/4C Conversion (Ferraris-online.com)

Photograph of Right side view

1969 Ferrari 365 GTB/4C Conversion s/n 12681 photo

With only fifteen Factory 365 GTB/4 "Competizione" Daytonas ever built, there has always been a strong demand for similar cars both at the professional level when racing "in period" and today, as club racers and event cars. Piet Roelofs' shop in Holland builds the very best of the 365 GTB/4 Competizione conversions with updates and features unimaginable when these cars were new.

Photograph of Dashboard overall from left

365 GTB/4C s/n 12681 features the same competition style modified plexiglass covered headlights, fender flairs and competition wheels as featured on the original Factory built cars. It also has the front fender air dams, front and rear spoilers, racing grille, lightened hood, outside fuel filler, rear brake scoops, engine cold air box, lightened doors and hood and trunk safety latches as used on the Series III Factory cars.

Piet's shop updates his cars by adding a modern, stronger, updated roll cage, a fire system, a 90 liter fuel cell, FIA approved racing seats, and a much improved oil cooler and twin master brake cylinder system, with adjustable brake bias from front to rear.

Photograph of Rear right view

Brakes were the weak link on the original Competizione Daytonas, and so much improved period correct AP front brakes are fitted. Modern springs and shocks are fitted, and the suspension pickup points are modified, for a much improved roll center and suspension geometry far superior to the original Factory built cars.

Photograph of Engine from right – detail

The Daytona engine is virtually bulletproof, even in racing specifications, and the engine in s/n 12681 is updated with modern lightweight pistons, Carrillo rods and much improved cam profiles. Competition headers are fitted. The engine in 365 GTB/4C s/n 12681 features a fresh $31,510.70 rebuild by Ted Wenz's Savannah Race Engineering with zero track time and produces 483 hp at a very-livable 7700 RPM with 348 ft lbs of torque at 7000 on the Superflow Dyno! Invoices on file by PDF.

Photograph of Driver's seat

The transaxle cases are the weakest mechanical link in the Daytona's powertrain, so Piet's shop manufactures and has fitted one of their new and much stronger transaxle cases in 365 GTB/4C s/n 12681, while replacing the bearings, synchros and shift forks as needed while apart. A pair of the much stronger steel side plates was also installed. 365 GTB/4 C s/n 12681 is also fitted with the close ratio 4th and 5th gears. At 8,500 rpm this Ferrari will do 250 kms or about 165 mph, in a burst of acceleration unimaginable to most drivers.

Photograph of Fuel cell

S/n 12681 was street licensed in California with plates "GTB4 C" and can be licensed in most states.

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