Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Praga R1 ~ Add Another to the Boutique Supercars (Autoblog)

Slovakia gets super with Praga R1 [w/video]

Praga R1
Praga R1 PhotosPraga R1 PhotosPraga R1 PhotosPraga R1 Photos
Posted Dec 19th 2012 5:00PM

Yes, bare-bones roadsters like the Ariel Atom and KTM X-Bow are nice, but we can't help but feel those machines are held back by their (quasi) street legal status. What we want is a carbon fibre track animal. Something like the Praga R1. The Slovakian-built racer reads like a personal wish list for going faster. With a curb weight of just 572 kilograms (1,261 pounds) dry and 210 horsepower from a Renault four-cylinder mounted amidships, the R1 should be a blast to fling around a road course. A six-speed sequential transmission puts power to the rear wheels and a set of AP Racing brakes brings the contraption down from speed.

Praga also seems concerned with keeping its buyers in one piece. Six-point race harnesses, neck restraints and an integrated OMP fire suppression system are all part of the package. There's no word on how much the R1 will set you back, but we imagine it won't be cheap. You can watch it whip around a track in the videobelow.

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